A night on the town

Apart from constantly having to keep an eye on our pesky and really drunken co-editors, and running into a handful of former employers which we hoped of never ever seeing again, the first night at the Colophon Symposium 2009 has been quite a lot of fun. We’ve left the Casino Luxembourg with a giant stack of free magazines, and we’ve met a lot of interesting people, all of whom we hope to see again under less formal circumstances tonight at the Carre Rotondes for a party with DJ’s Fetish and Miss Tabou. For some reason, a kinda-cute-looking girl working for the symposium thought the POSTRboys would be perfectly suited to make an investigative report about this party, so it would appear we’re on a mission tonight.

Stay tuned for the POSTR party report, which we’ll be posting tomorrow in ‘the early afternoon’.

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