A One Night Stand with Naldisney

Nalden is a busy guy who’s into a lot of different stuff, so we’re not going to slight the man by just calling him a blogger. His superseding of the online realmĀ is evinced once again with ‘One Night Stand’, an event organised by Nalden where people will be exchanging ideas, thoughts and art for one night. Maybe you’ll even be able to get your hands on a free magazine or two! Where to be, what to bring and what not to wear? Find out what the deal is in this video where Naldisney himself does the talking.

You can check out more movies on the Vodaphone 360 website.

Yes, this post is obviously an advertorial for Vice and Vodaphone’s new telecom-thingamajig, but it’s also obvious that Nalden’s ‘One Night Stand’ is a cool concept and as thus deserves our attention. If you don’t like it, save us the ‘iron discipline’ routine and start your own damn free magazine.

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  1. josine

    If Vodafone supports these types of things I’m all for it. Cool films and good phones. Sounds good to me

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