Stack Awards 2015

Stack Awards 2015

We’re proud to announce POSTRmagazine is shortlisted for the Stack Awards 2015 in the category Best Original Non-Fiction! That’s pretty



The great people at EINS EINS EINS wrote a little article about our latest issue. EINS EINS EINS is an

A 30 Minute Chat With Jan Hoet

The great contemporary art director Jan Hoet, who organized multiple major exhibitions in Belgium, was director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent and curated Germany’s Documenta art fair, has died on February 27.
We interviewed Jan Hoet as an expert for our Art Issue back in 2010. The interview was an informal encounter in the man’s own home in Ghent.

Hurray For Washington!

With judgement day coming closer yours truly, A&Gallery and Avenue L are set to host a suitably glamorous Presidential Evening inside the Ghent White House: Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof. Why? Because elections are fun!

POSTRmagazine #12: The Privacy Issue

As Anonymous exposes Pedobears worldwide and Chinese government hackers activate your webcam while you masturbate, the POSTR-offices have been buzzing with that same good old paranoia that got us involved in this dirty business in the first place. […]

POSTRmagazine x WeSC

To celebrate our tenth issue and the one year anniversary of the WeSC store in Antwerp we’ve got a little treat for our loyal readers. Find your copy of POSTRmagazine #10 at the usual distribution points in Antwerp or Ghent and find a gift certificate inside! That’s right we’re giving away free money again but this time it’s actually worth something in the real world too.