Free stuff? Sure, I read POSTR!

We have 3 cd’s and 3 duo tickets to hand out thanks to the people of Ill City and A Cut Above.
This Friday in Antwerp’s Art Space Leguit, Faberyayo and Vic Crezée will be presenting their new album ‘Het Grote Gedoe’ – a portrait of a contemporary hiphopplayboy and his exciting yet sometimes equally exhausting life. Who wants to be there for amazing live renditions of smash hits like the insightful ‘Miss Piggy’ and the inside-wink ‘Heartbreak’?
You do?

Ok. To to get your cheap ass in for free, answer us these questions three:
1) What can you buy with a None-Dollar bill?
2) If a fat girl falls in the woods, do the trees laugh?
3) What’s your PIN-code?

Swiftly send your informed and educated answers to and get free stuffs! OMG YES!

Friday October 8 – 20:30

Art Space Leguit
Leguit 23
Antwerp, Belgium

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