Grill the Vote! BBQ

In the case of the upcoming elections, there is definitely a solid motivational argument to justify an act of civil disobedience. We don’t think our politicians deserve a new round of elections. We don’t feel they’ve done what it takes to earn a reevaluation of their performance, because according to us, they haven’t shown us anything to evaluate. But even if the system wants to make an example out of the subversive elements that we obviously are, then they themselves are bound by the legal system. You see, the penalty for failing to show up on election day can either be a warning, or a fine that is somewhere between €27,5 and €55. (quoted from the official website of the Flemish Parliament) We feel that this is a reasonable price to (maybe have to) pay for our right to revolt, so if you wonder where we’ll be on June 7th, we’ll be hosting the POSTR – Grill The Vote – BBQ at the Zuidpark in Ghent, Belgium. You bring the meat, we bring the heat.
We hope to see you there for the tastiest revolution ever!

For those in doubt: not voting in Belgium does not mean giving your vote to the majority. (Source)

The image used for this campaign is a reworked version of the illustration made by Thomas W. Benton for Hunter S. Thompson’s book “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72”. You can see the original cover here.

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  1. admin

    Hey Prev, nice to see you here.
    Die issue komt er ook en is vanaf 2 juni gratis te vinden op de gekende spots.
    De tweede issue van POSTR zal over meer gaan dan enkel het niet stemmen. Dus zeker ééntje meepakken als je de kans hebt.
    Je kan ons ook vinden op facebook in de POSTRmagazine group en de Grill de Vote! discussie daar volgen.

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