In the aftermath of the 2009 Colophon Symposium…

It’s 18:32 on Sunday and the POSTRmagazine staff has left the building. We just had our last drinks and smokes at the Philharmonie Luxembourg, where the ‘We Make a Magazine’ magazine was presented. Friday afternoon, editor Kati Krause picked the POSTRboys out of a crowd and decided that we would be the designated partyreporters for the Colophon weekend. Maybe it was the way we were abusing the workstations in the ‘We Make a Magazine’ workroom like they were our own personal homecomputers, maybe it was the subtle but unmistakeble perfume of liquor surrounding us at 3 in the afternoon, maybe it was the Nixon-mask, we’ll never know why.

But we delivered, and we want to thank Kati for granting us this honour and for respecting our gargantuan hangovers in the face of an impending deadline. About an hour and a half after it had expired, we were the last ones to put up our articles on the mock-up wall, coming two pages short of the 8 we were assigned. No offense, but there’s no way you can fill that kind of space with two relatively short nights of partying, especially if you’re on party-mode yourself. As journalists we believe that if you really want to know about something, you have to submerge yourself into the subject and become one with it. So, to write a truthworthy report about a party, you have to submerge yourself in liquor and get shitfaced, which we (being the stonecold professionals that we are) did expertly and thoroughly.

We can’t give you the full article yet because the magazine still has to be printed, but we can give you a few excerpts from ‘POSTRmagazine Do The Parties: A Gonzo Account’

“If your cleavage is more than 15cm deep, you shouldn’t be showing it, both on cultural and humanitarian grounds. Anything that sags that low shouldn’t be near a bar, doesn’t matter what side of it you’re on. Seriously, it’s like a kick in the eyeballs.”

“There’s nothing quite as awkward as asking a dude whether or not that’s his girlfriend you’ve been trying to smooch up for the past half hour, and have him tell you that: Yes, she is.”

That’s everything we’re going to give you for now, when the magazine is published, we’ll post the rest of the story here.


Kati Krause/Maria/Karolin/Akira/Stilbé/Rebecca/EXTRABOLD/Those two hyperactive guys from Berlin/Alex from On-Point/Kim/Michael Gray Fuentes/the bartender at Marx/Joanna&Emil/Matthias from Vice Belgium/the Omniscient Being/ the Mexican Dominatrix/everybody we hung out with but can’t put a name on right now, it was a great weekend.

If we don’t see you soon, we’ll see you in two years.

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