Leprosy @ Colophon2009 Magazine

Last Friday, the POSTRstaff went on a little field trip to Amsterdam to attend the presentation of the Colophon2009 Magazine organised by the people from Athenaeum. As you may recall, we wrote the party-report for this particular magazine, and therefor also wanted to be there to personally receive our copies. After all, we had the biggest article in it, having knocked out a 6-page documentary in the course of three days and two hangovers when we went to Luxembourg in March. If you didn’t know how that went, allow us to paint you a little picture.

POSTRmagazine was like the Iranian UN-delegation of magazinemakers when we went to the Colophon symposium in Luxembourg City: we were invited along with the rest, but not quite as wholeheartedly. After day one, most actual professional people (the ones who were visiting because of the ‘innovative’ concepts they could then afterwards use in their commercially sponsored magazines) walked in a big circle around us like we were the more rambunctious cousins among the Kadafi family. Shunned like the Black Plague of printed media.

The causes for this state of untouchability were diverse: the pungent scent of stale rum floating around acridly in our direct vicinity, the slightly intimidating drunken ranting of one of the POSTRboys or our inability and unwillingness to hide the contempt we had (and have) for any kind of etiquette. Pick a reason. Fact is, we were quite rightly given the task of writing the 6-page party report that would appear in the Colophon-magazine which would be made in the course of the weekend. And, boy, did we report on parties. We reported so hard and unbiased that the editors who finished the magazine felt the need to add the following comment to our article, in little white letters under the introduction: Colophon2009 does not endorse any of the activities mentioned in this article. To us, this is the greatest honor one can receive, this little phrase is like the Medal Of Merit or the Nobel Peace Prize of party-reporting.

If you want to know exactly what we did, and thus what other, more professional people do not want to be associated with, pick up the Colophon Magazine at your local mag-market and flip to page 60. Oh yeah, and have fun reading the rest of it. Or looking at the rest of it, since we’re the only article that has any real copy in it, not just transcripts of what other people had to say. Thank God some people still care about editorial content, no?

In summary, the mag turned out nicely, so be sure to pick up a copy at your local bookstore and find out everything that transpired at Colophon2009. It’s interesting. A big thank you to Kati, Mike, Andrew and Jeremy and everybody who put in work and made this happen.

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