Lomography competition WINNERS

We have chosen the winners of our “Will snap for stuff” competition. So without further ado, here they are with a small explanation of why they won.

Number 1 and the winner of this competition and of the Lubitel 166+ is Tine Guns.

“Art is Time”
We liked these pictures because they both symbolize time so well.
The picture Tine took immediatly spoke to us, we all know that moment and to capture it like this is amazing.

Number 2 is Lawrence Chiam a.k.a. Lawypop. He wins a Diana F+ camera.

“Reach … for Art”
Lawrence’s pictures are really good and we consider him to be a Lomography expert. The subject and what he wants to say with his pictures came across really well.
Lawrence sent in 2 sets of pictures. His second set was even better in our opinion but we judged him on his first set to keep the competition fair.

Number 3 is Marika Giacinta. She also wins a Diana F+ camera.

Marika’s pictures were well chosen. We are only allowed to show the pictures taken by the contenders on our website so we can’t show you the other picture Marike chose. But we can assure you that it was very well chosen. The combination of the two pictures makes us completely understand what art is to her but not in an obvious way.
The pictures were fun, colourful and they popped right out of our mailbox.

Honourable mentions go to:
Erick Cusi, Nadia Oussehmine and Tini Cleemput.

Thanks to everybody who took the time to enter our Will Snap for Stuff competition.
We hope you liked it and took a moment to stop and think what art really means to you.

We also want to thank the people at Lomography for working out this competition with us.

The POSTRmagazine Staff.

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