Lomography Contest: Will Snap For Stuff!

So you love pictures and taking them. Well, we here at POSTRmagazine do so too, which is why we are working together with the nice folks at Lomography: in order to share our mutual passion for depictive storytelling with two separate audiences who might turn out to have more in common than they might think.

How are we planning to do this?
By handing out free Lomography cameras (Lubitel 166+ and Diana F+) to stir up both your sense of art and your predatory personal gain at the same time!

Sounds cruel and harsh? Wait until you read POSTRmagazine #5: The Art Issue, in which we question the image of contemporary art as being free of economic interest and market manipulation, and paint a Portrait Of The Artist As One Clever Bastard. In the meanwhile, feel free to feed your own starving artist by participating in our Will Snap For Stuff-contest!

How to enter?
Go to the Lomography photo archive, choose 1 photo out of the Lubitel 166+ or Diana F+ gallery that depicts what Art is or should be according to you and complement it with 1 photo you took yourself dealing with that same subject.
Remember: a single picture equals a million words. This means that we won’t read beyond the photo you send us. So don’t try to explain what’s in it, we speak picture.

What can you win?

First Prize: Lubitel 166+

Second & Third Prize: Diana F +

Send your two photos to competition@postrmagazine.com. Deadline for the competition is April 4, 2010.
We look forward to seeing your stories.

As no Photo Upload is required on the Lomography website for this competition, you might want to soft sign in with your twitter account.

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