Nalden’s Crowd

If there’s one tip I can give blog owners it’s to check your stats from time to time. We here at POSTRmagazine are not men of numbers, we’re men of action so it’s no surprise that we don’t wake up every morning to check our daily analytics. Earlier this week I decided it was time to log into our Piwik Analytics and take a look at how many people had actually visited our website during the last month. Another quick tip, use Piwik instead of Google Analytics if you don’t want big brother Google and the CIA knowing who’s visiting your website and what search queries they’re using to find you. But I digress.

As I was browsing through the list of external websites I noticed the Clear magazine link. I know Clear Magazine because it is made by the people behind Bright magazine, a dutch technology magazine that looks great and has good quality content. Clear magazine is a platform, meaning a magazine and website, made for Vodaphone that focusses on mobile trends and innovation. But why did people visit the POSTRmagazine website from the Clear magazine website? Where did this sudden rise in visitors come from? I clicked the link and was taken to the Nalden’s Crowd section on the Clear magazine website. I recognised the familiar face of Nalden, entrepreneur extrordinaire from Amsterdam and the man behind Wetransfer and his latest brainchild Kuvva. Not a man to take lightly to say the least.
So great was my surprise to see POSTRmagazine on Nalden’s list of innovators this month. Bam! We made it to number five on the list of projects he supports. There’s Instagram at number six and 22tracks at number 4 so we’re in very good company amongst some awesome projects.

A major shout out to Mr. Nalden for the support and the honor.

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