Nalden’s Crowd

If there’s one tip I can give blog owners it’s to check your stats from time to time. We here at POSTRmagazine are not men of numbers, we’re men of action so it’s no surprise that we don’t wake up every morning to check our daily analytics. Earlier this week I decided it was time to log into our Piwik Analytics and take a look at how many people had actually visited our website during the last month.

POSTRmagazine #9: Entertainment Issue – Out Now

We’re back like another season rerun of Friends which you’ll watch because it’s on at 8 and you just really need to kick back after a long day of work. In our latest issue, POSTRmagazine casts its scrutinizing gaze over the only industry that turns actual people into products without having to go to court for it: the entertainment business!

POSTRmagazine Invites

We asked a few different artists we like to create artwork from whatever inspiration they get from reading POSTRmagazine.
These creations will be shown in Antwerp at Art Space Leguit from March 18 ’till March 27.

POSTRmagazine at Bookmark project, Berlin

We’re happy to announce we were invited by Zircumflex to participate in their Bookmark project. Zirkumflex is a Berlin based project platform. They present a selection of independent artists’ and publishers’ work from around the world in an exclusive collaboration.

And the winners are…

The guys at World of Objects closed the competition lines and the answers are in! So, we hear you ask, who are the winners of those awesome NYC Garbage boxes by Gustin Gignac? Well without further ado here are the names of the 5 winners:

POSTRmagazine #8: The Design Issue

We’re back with a new issue of the most critical and least considerate magazine you’ll ever get for free. This time we decided it was time to talk about design and who’s behind all those objects that surround us every day? Why do we care we hear you ask.

We’re Back! And we’re sorry.

Yes we’re sorry. Sorry you had to read all those magazines filled with beautiful emptiness during the last 3 months. We’re sorry for Gutless hipster-brand-accounts not believing in our magazine and what We stand for. We’re sorry for all that is dismal in your everyday existence.

POSTRmagazine at Magazine Library expo Tokyo

We’re glad to announce we were invited to participate in the MAGAZINE LIBRARY exhibition in Tokyo.
The new edition of the Magazine Library traveling exhibition will take place from September 11th to September 30th at Maison AOYAMA, in celebration of Galerie Vie’s 25th anniversary.

Embedded report: Waregem Koerse 2010

It’s a pretty schizophrenic day out here in Waregem. So far, we’ve barely seen any horses apart from the ones in the race we happened to see crossing over from the press area into the champagne tent, which is more or less the VIP area for people who don’t make it onto the privately sponsored VIP-lounges that surround the track.

POSTRmagazine #6 in Paris, Berlin & Amsterdam

We’ve been travelling around Europe the past few weeks and have been dropping off stacks of POSTRmagazines everywhere we went.
Check out these locations if you want to get hold of your copy of POSTRmagazine #6: the Funds & Ammo issue.

POSTRmagazine Is Heading For Dour

If you weren’t sure about going to Dour this year because it’s a festival that attracts not only cutting edge artists but also a crowd that balances that very same edge and sometimes goes way beyond it…

Grill The Vote Edition II: Fry All Beef

Where were you last time, when we were incinerating our voting letters at the first edition of Grill The Vote? If you weren’t in Gent, frying ribs and flipping burgers, you better make sure you are present this time so all your intellectual friends won’t think you’re a complete fraud after Election Day.

To Vote or Not To Vote

On June 13 we, citizens of Belgium, are all expected to step inside a voting booth and colour a dot, preferably in red. Many of us however don’t really feel like doing this, others do but don’t really believe in the power behind this gesture anymore.
That’s why we and the people from Ladda are organizing a Political Debate on May 25 at Sirena Contemporary Pop in Ghent.