POSTRmagazine’s None Dollar Bill handout

If you want to be absolutely sure that you can tell your future grandchildren that you were once an accomplice in a devious money counterfeiting scheme, you’ll want to join the POSTRmagazine staff at one of our upcoming None Dollar Bill-handouts where we will be – duh- handing out our custom POSTRmagazine None Dollar Bills.

A None Dollar Bill, you ask? Well, in the midst of the heated debates and brainstorm sessions we went through during the making of our latest issue (POSTRmagazine #4: The Money Issue), we were confronted with the implicit contradiction in making a magazine about money and handing it out for free. So we went ahead and converted our legally obtained knowhow on money counterfeiting into reality, mainly to attack today’s economical debauchery and, more transcendentally, to question the true relevance of conventional money.

POSTRmagazine’s witty promotional scam – which might yield our editorial asses some mainstream coverage and/or two decades in one of Belgium’s medieval jails – will officially start next Saturday, December 5. Find us in Ghent sprinkling our None Dollar Bills into the emaciated purses and gutted wallets of loyal readers and Saturday afternoon shoppers alike. Come pick up your free money from 2PM on the Veerleplein near the Gravensteen stronghold, the place where money counterfeiters were hanged, drawn and quartered or cooked alive during the Middle Ages. At 3PM, we’ll head to the city’s financial district called the Kouter, where we might just convert some of our supernumerary bills into a portfolio of equally valuable Citibank shares.

Next Monday (December 7) from 9am, we will be hitting the area around the National Bank of Belgium, where most of the €50 bills are printed and the headquarters of the anti-money counterfeiting service of the federal police is settled. At 11.30, we will start distributing bankrolls in front of La Bourse on the Anspach Boulevard. So be there, because we are pretty sure you can’t remember the last time you spent counterfeit money and got away with it. Also, if the police decide to counter our rational arguments and humanitarian motives with their superior baton’s logic, we can use all the amateur footage we can get. So if making it onto the threat list of the Belgian State Security Service is your mainspring, come take this giant step forward with us. And don’t forget to always feel, look and tilt.

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