POSTRmagazine #12: The Privacy Issue


As Anonymous exposes Pedobears worldwide and Chinese government hackers activate your webcam while you masturbate, the POSTR-offices have been buzzing with that same good old paranoia that got us involved in this dirty business in the first place. What have we been doing, you ask? Oh, nothing more than the usual: following that moneytrail, connecting those little dots and digging up those obscure links between the CIA and Facebook. It’s a filthy and frustrating job and nobody asked us to do it but Hell, who else but us will tell you that they told you so when the New World Order comes to be.

Internet police on Twitter – Facebook friends on the Interpol-watchlist – wiretaps on your Skype-conversations…find out the titillating quasi-truth about all this and much more when we release POSTRmagazine #12: The Privacy Issue, a piece of print so hot off the press it scalds the fingertips and stings the eyes. For those lucky enough to be living in the beautiful metropole that is Berlin, come pick up your issue personally at our July 19 exhibition at Letters Are My Friends in X-Berg where our ferocious flagship of content will enter into battle with the exceptionally gifted designers of VA300. Call it Content vs. Form vs. BBQ: join us in the Boppstrasse for burgers and beers with a side of truth and good looking print.

There’s nowhere to run to baby, there’s nowhere to hide.

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