POSTRmagazine #2: Elections Issue – Out Now!

As of today you can go out and get your copy of the second issue of POSTRmagazine. This time we focus on elections and politics, in particular: the upcoming Belgian elections and Belgian politics.
Talking about politics is like talking about Sunday’s soccer game. Everybody can do a better job than the ones actually doing it. We will pitch in to this utterly hollow and devaluated dialogue, with the only difference being the fact that we won’t stoop to the level of name-calling, except for a few justified exceptions. You see, we don’t think that politicians or even party politics are the main factors in defining the state of our modern democracy. If we consider our democracy as sick & diseased, then our politicians and their policies are but the sad symptoms of this disease. But in order to cure this nauseating disease, you need to do more than just pop the repulsive, pus-filled buboes that infest the body. You need to draw out the root of the illness, and in this case that root is the very nature of our political system.

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