POSTRmagazine #3: The Energy Issue – Out Now!

“It would take less than the lifespan of the average mobile phone battery for our modern civilization to plunge itself into violent rioting and mass hysteria.”

We tried hard to turn this into a positive story but unfortunately reality wouldn’t let us.
Brace yourself for a grimm look on what our hunger for energy brought us in the past and what lies ahead.

Check the site for extra insight on the energy issue. We’ll be posting our solution to the problem, as far fetched as it may seem, and an interview we did with solar power expert Hermann Scheer.

Postrmagazines are being shipped, flown and hand delivered as we speak so look out for it at your favourite pick-up spot.

There is one comment

  1. riet

    send it then to the whole western population. open their eyes.
    show them thestoryofstuff (easy understandable for the ignorant citizen)
    stop their hardcore consuming behaviour..
    but especially
    change their politic views and visions
    and send one over to augsburg also please ;)

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