POSTRmagazine at Bookmark project, Berlin

We’re happy to announce we were invited by Zircumflex to participate in their Bookmark project. Zirkumflex is a Berlin based project platform. They present a selection of independent artists’ and publishers’ work from around the world in an exclusive collaboration.
From March 18 until May 20 2011, an ephemeral bookshop will provide the public with an opportunity of discovering books and printed projects intended as works of art.
Much like a book mark will set apart a page from others in order to resume ones reading at a later time, or to retrieve a quote, Bookmark offers you the time to explore the vast art book edition landscape and to discover projects or research matter by various artists in their published form. A work of art intended and produced with the characteristics inherent to publishing becomes a playground and an experimentation field for the artist.
Halfway between a book fair and a bookshop, Bookmark is primarily intended as an exhibition area dedicated to showcasing a selection of books and objects by various artists, giving visitors the opportunity of purchasing exclusive copies of books of all kinds. It will also provide space for the launching and presentation of various printed items.

Featured Publishers
.DOC (Italy), 3 Fois par Jour (France), Archive Books (Germany/Italy), Éditions FP & CF (France), Ether Party (Rhodésie), French Fourch (Canada/France), The Green Box (Germany), Hotel of Things (Lithuania), Incertain Sens (France), Kunstverein (Milano) (Italy), POSTRmagazine (Belgium), Poursuite Editions (France), PWR Paper (Germany), Rawraw (Italy), Sainte Machine (France ) and This is a Magazine (Italy).

A selection of printed matter

March 18 to May 20, 2011
Opening Reception: Friday, March 18, from 7 pm
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 2 – 7 pm
Zirkumflex — Fontanestraße 25 — 12049 Berlin — Germany

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