POSTRmagazine goes O.K. Festival!

Remember what happened when we went to Colophon? All that gratuitous boozehoundery, flinging of random obscenities and overall out-of-place-in-the-inner-circle-behaviour? O.K. Festival (April 16-17-18 in Arnhem) apparently does not, because they – for some bizarre and inexplicable reason, namely that they like our publication – have invited the POSTRmagazine-staff to come and share our ill-adjusted personalities with those of the people who make real magazines with facts and fun instead of barely nuanced personal views and rants, however well-funded and researched those rants may be.

We sincerely look forward to blowing the dust off our Nixon-mask and hopping in our car to rock the worldview of everybody who thought that you needed to be sober, licensed & professional in order to make a magazine. Ha, in your face.

What else can you expect besides our much-appreciated presence at O.K. Festival? The usual lectures and workshops, the mandatory exhibition, lots of magazines and a great big deal of inebriated and perhaps also awkward ‘social interfacing’ with people you will only add on Facebook and then never talk to again.

We hope to see you there but if we don’t, you’ll probably see us in the police report when it’s all over.

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