POSTRmagazine review on Gratis Blog

Our latest issue of POSTRmagazine was reviewed by the people at Gratis Blog. Gratis is a blog that reviews free magazines worldwide.

Here’s what they have to say on why they started their blog:
Everyone is broke. The internet has ruined everything. No one wants to pay for journalism. Publishing is changing. But there ain’t nothing better than print…Except, maybe free print. In this changing media environment, free magazines are thriving. This is a blog about quality free magazines, big and small from all over the world.
The blog is edited by the people at Article Magazine.

Review excerpt:
There’s a unique tone to the content of Postr, and it’s one which might take you off guard if you approached it as if it was an innocent looking review magazine. It describes itself as “the most critical and least considerate magazine you’ll ever get for free,” and this is quite an accurate description. All the articles have a very direct and questioning approach that verges on the aggressive – a singular voice that sometimes reads like a deranged blogger escaped from his internet cave, other times a perceptive critic standing alone. What’s great about it is that all this is printed layer upon layer, on one huge page, and all the little details come together in one piece.

You can read the full review of our Design Issue here.

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