Rewind Invites POSTRmagazine

Rewind Store invites POSTRmagazine to celebrate our first year of making a Counter-Culture Chronicle and the release of our new Art issue.

What can you expect you ask? Well, first and foremost visitors can pick up their free copy of POSTRmagazine of course. Second, because the theme of this issue is Art we couldn’t just make a regular magazine so we turned our magazine into a genuine piece of art. The artist Leo Copers was willing to get involved and created something for the cover of this issue. They are made to a very limited edition so try to get your hands on one of those extra special POSTRmagazines! We might even auction off some to keep it artsy and all.

Previous editions of POSTRmagazine will be shown at Rewind Store too and if you let us know what your favourite Not So F.A.Q is out of the ones that we had on our magazine, you can win a POSTR goodie bag. These bags will be for sale too so don’t despare if you don’t win and as of next week they will be for sale in our webshop as well.

All this will be served with a large portion of good music, chocolate cake and cold drinks. In other words: some Fun in true POSTRmagazine style.
So be sure to drop by and enjoy re-reading or discovering the new POSTRmagazine.

The POSTRmagazine Staff

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