POSTRmagazine 13: The Fear Issue – Out Now!

HELLO? Is anybody in here?

Late night. The night howls around your house. Floorboards creak upstairs, moaning out like sinners who have been in Hell for too long. The wind creeps its way in through the cracks in your psyche and gleefully whispers threats into your ear. You’re all alone. Nobody cares. You are a social failure and terrorists will invade your house and sacrifice you to their angry God, a useless fat pig to a vindictive butcher. Suddenly, the earth shudders as if pounded once by a divine fist. The last of your stale beer stirs in its glass. You instantly shit a brick and whimper a plea for a quick demise. No fight, no flight – just meek resignation and fearful anticipation. The strong survive and you’re not one of them. You walk towards the front door and put your hand on the knob, sighing once before you pull it open – expecting immediate death at the hands of who- or whatever has finally come for you – only to see nothing standing before you.

There are no jihadi to claim your life, no immigrants to take your job. No social circle to judge you and no parents to dissappoint. No bankruptcy, no tumor. There is no judging God standing outside, holding up the balance book of your life while shaking His/Her head in foreboding denial. In truth, there is really nothing to be afraid of – nothing except the all new spine-tingling horror of Postrmagazine #13: The Fear Issue – OUT NOW IN TERRIFYING 3D-VISION!!


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