The party report

So it’s 4:03 and we just made it back to room 54 in Hotel Christopher Colombe. After a late night dinner on what was probably the worst kebab we had in years, we arrived at Carre Rotondes to write our report on the Colophon Party. Lacking any real relevant questions to ask, we decided to take advantage of our situation by using this party report as a flimsy pretext to promote our own magazine. Thank you to everyone who was willing to have their picture taken and an extra special shout out to Akira Nishitake for looking cool as f*ck.

For no special reason at all, we ‘d like to stress the fact that we never met or talked to any stuck-up chick who worked for CIA Weekly and could not have her picture taken due to  being an art director for the Pentagon or whatever, or her sort of artsy looking friend with the Gothic Mohawk. Also bigup to our girl Kim who is the only coolass ex-colleague who had the guts to have a drink with us and made it worth hanging around until 3-something, the bartender, the Mexican dominatrix who coerced me into rolling a cigarette for her and her fine looking friend Paola who I sincerely hope to be meeting tomorrow for another drink.

A final shoutout goes out to Luxembourg cable television for keeping us entertained with 70’s bush and tits, Sexy Gymnastics and hourly updates on the stock exchange.

We’re signing out for today, wake us up gently for the first keynote speaker.

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  1. Kim

    Oh you guys, you’re making me blush! I also had a great time, it’s always nice to see a friend and meet new interesting people.

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