The POSTRboys are going to Dour Festival!

You read it right, the most critical newsteam this side of the blogosphere will be putting up a field-HQ amidst the musical onslaught of Belgium’s most notorious festival. We’ll be going undercover into this annual cesspool of ear-piercing decibels, party-hardying and overall moral decay to bring you the scoop on which band or controlled substance is making hearts beat faster around the Walloon gravel pits.
In addition, we’ll be doing some field research for our upcoming energy issue, but we’re not going to tell you too much about that just yet.

The best in alternative music will be heard live for four days (July 16-19) on the festival’s six different stages. Check the officical website and get the full program here. Our journalist’s kit to mass destruction includes a press pass, a pair of bootlegged sunglasses and unlimited access to backstage refridgerators. Recognise us by the way
we will be shunned & feared by other media outlets who are covering the festival.

While we’re at it, we might also go ask the guys at the Google compound where we can find some funny pictures of cats, or that video with that guy who picks up his clothes iron thinking it’s his mobile phone. If we come across those dead bodies from the Nivelles-gang era while popping open trunks on deserted car cemeteries, you guys will be
the first to know.

We hope to see you on the grassy knoll for a drink and some public debating.

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  1. Rob #2

    Nice site! t’was a pleasure to meet ya’ll. Will definitely be keeping a watchinful eye on the articles and progress! Liked the issue you gave me on sound! any chance of getting a copy of the prev #? Jealous of the Gent fest…London weather is WACK! ^_^ safe

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