To Vote or Not To Vote

On June 13 we, citizens of Belgium, are all expected to step inside a voting booth and colour a dot, preferably in red. Many of us however don’t really feel like doing this, others do but don’t really believe in the power behind this gesture anymore.
That’s why we and the people from Ladda are organizing a Political Debate on May 25 at Sirena Contemporary Pop in Ghent.
We’ll try to answer all of your questions so you will be well informed when you decide to color that dot or not.

Our panel of experts will be there to guide us through the foggy maze of Belgian Politics but the public will get their chance to vent some thoughts as well of course.
We’ll talk about the pro’s and con’s of our voting system, search for alternatives and see if it’s still all worth while.

• Nico Carpentier (Phd) Teacher connected to the Departement of Communication of the VUB.
• Vincent Van Petegem (Joung CD&V)
• Björn Rzoska (Vice chairman of Groen! party)

By Dj’s MikiGold & Fatoosan (SupaFly)

Sirena Contemporary Pop

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