We’re Back! And we’re sorry.

Yes we’re sorry. Sorry you had to read all those magazines filled with beautiful emptiness during the last 3 months. We’re sorry for Gutless hipster-brand-accounts not believing in our magazine and what We stand for. We’re sorry for all that is dismal in your everyday existence.

But Fear not! We’re back and what’s more, those damned Monkeys never stopped writing and battering those Typewriter keys like the savage primates they are. All this hard under-the-radar-work gives us a time advantage for the next few months. So we’ll be harassing those flimsy accounts and brand budget planners like never before, demanding proper pay and respect! Shiver in horror and hear the screams while hipster glasses get broken and skinny jeans get ripped.

We’re back, back with a vengeance.

The POSTRmagazine Staff

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