O Say Can You See POSTRmagazine 16?

We finally managed to wrap our heads around the topic we decided to tackle a little less than a year ago. Nationality is a pretty basic concept but when you really start digging into it you quickly find yourself in a dank swamp of Existential thoughts leading absolutely nowhere and a deadline creeping up faster everytime a new dead end is excavated. But don’t despair, we dived right into that swamp and crawled up those dead ends like the professionals we are and in the end managed to frantically pen down POSTRmagazine 16: The Nationality Issue.

Nationalism is a mechanism that allows humans to reduce the complexity of their everyday reality by flattening the playing field and focussing on one aspect of that reality. Every ism is another permutation of mankind’s physiological predisposition (read: neurotic compulsion) to somehow make sense out of the seemingly senseless reality that is presented. It becomes a viewfinder through which a person frames the world and assigns meaning based on whichever factor weighs the heaviest in their particular doctrine of choice. In the case of nationalism, otherwise intelligent and rational people bend their logic based on where somebody drew an invisible line in the sand at some point in time and then declared that from then on, the people on both sides of those lines where somehow even more different from each other than normal human individuals already are. It is but one of many tricks used by humans who are either unwilling or incapable of dealing with the actual complexity of their reality and instead choose to dumb it down to a level that is acceptable to them. The human purpose is to form an understanding of your surrounding and apply that understanding to your personal situation. Nationalism allows a person to only have to understand what happens inside a certain geographic area and not concern themselves with whatever may take place outside of it.

Find it at the regular spots or if you want to receive the issue at home or know a place where you think POSTRmagazine should be, let us know and send word.