The Shadow World

Yesterday we went to see The Shadow World (directed by Johan Grimonprez – based on the book by Andrew Feinstein) at the Film Festival in Gent.
The book and movie give a grim behind the scenes look at the arms trade and powers that rule and create the reality of perpetual war we live in today. We advise you to go see this movie if you get the chance.
If you’re not able to see the movie you can still download and read POSTRmagazine 6: The Weapons Issue to know what’s popping.

We made The Weapons Issue back in 2010 when Jacques Monsieur – a Belgian arms dealer who was selling weapons to Iran back in the 1980s – was facing trial in Mobil Alabama. It made us wonder what the role of Belgium is in the global arms trade and what it’s like when selling weapons and armor to the highest bidder is your job.