What’s the Color of Money?

In December 2013 we did a live show on stroom.tv to announce the new issue that had just come out. One of our Monkeys With Typewriters became a Monkey With Turntables playing our favorite tracks and soundscapes which were mixed in with the content that was read out by a computer voice.
This show worked so well we realized that this was probably the best way to translate POSTRmagazine into a digital format.

So with the help of a man who calls himself No Sleep Richy we’ll be releasing mixtapes of all our issues. That’s right, there won’t be any iPad versions of POSTRmagazine coming any time soon. Instead we set out to investigate what a digital magazine format can be.

We bring you: What’s the Color of Money?
A rendition of POSTRmagazine #4: The Money Issue (2009), disturbingly mixed by Richy Rich and Brokeman Michy.