The main objective of POSTRmagazine is not to give more answers to the same questions. We are here to ask different questions than the big media, and shed some light on the other side of the scoop. We believe that every story has some kind of blind spot, be it economical, social or political. We want to seduce our readers into thinking in different directions by unveiling the other, lesser known side of the story.

We are the new pamphleteers, taking on the digital dictatorship of the 2.0 era. This is our answer to the big media corporations who don’t have anything new to say. Indeed, we don’t pretend to be absolutely objective about our content like they do. We’re not saying that the evening news doesn’t get its facts straight. Or that it does. The fact of the matter is, for every item that makes it to the teleprompter, a dozen get cut. We want to know about that dozen and we want to let you know about them too. Because there’s a lot more going on than what you read about in the papers, and it might concern you more than you’d like to think.